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s_a_great_alne_gb posted:
I have the cname URL from heroku (ie. Everything should be set up on the heroku end), what is the procedure to get the URL I purchased from dynadot to work with it?

It doesn't seem to be working for me, for whatever reason. I get forwarded to the heroku cname URL, but not my app.

Can someone provide me with a simple step by step instruction for setup in dynadot?
ReplyQuote1/4/2017 14:26
To add: I can get simple forwarding working if I use the page URL, but the URL changes (it redirects). It seems like there is a way to get it working properly without relying on stealth forwarding though.
ReplyQuote1/4/2017 14:34
I'm having the same problem, but worse : nothing get redirected
ReplyQuote4/6/2018 01:11
What is the specific issue please? If the cname records are set up recently, please give it some time for the changes to propagate through the internet. It could take anywhere from several minutes upto 48 hours to go.
ReplyQuote4/11/2018 00:42