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chris_hamburg_de posted:
I have problem with my .de domain. I had set my Name Servers to my own IP adress, but...
"Name servers for DE domains must respond to DNS queries for the domain before being set."
How?? I want to point it to my own nameservers, but how could my nameservers respond, if there are do not even want to point to my domain..

If you have a soloution, please let me know.
If I need a program or my IP adress have to respond to anything: Here are some System informatio:

Raspbarry PI 3 (model b)
running Raspbian.

Sorry for bad english, but there are no german forums here...
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teamdynadot posted:
Could you email us the domain name and the specific issues at please? .DE domain has special requirements for name server configurations. You could take a brief check and see if this article could fix the issue for you:

Why am I unable to set my name servers for my .DE domain?

If not, please email us with the above required information so we could take a further for you.
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