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domainmaster posted:
When Dynadot forwards domain names, does it use a 301 redirect? I'd like to know for SEO purposes. If you guys do not, I'd heavily consider implimenting something where you do. Thank you.

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teamdynadot posted:
I think we use 302 (temporary redirect), not 301 (permanent redirects).
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domainmaster posted:
Do you think we could possibly have the option of using either a 301 or 302 redirect? That could come in handy for those who have limited add-on domain names on their hosting account.

I've only transferred one domain so far, but your control panel is easier to use and provides more features than any I've used. Keep up the good work!!!
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teamdynadot posted:
Thank you very much for your compliments.  We really appreciate it.  We have added 301 redirects to our feature request list for future consideration.
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usrdotcm replied teamdynadot :
Have you already implemented this feature?
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raph posted:
I have a few domains currently redirecting to a host with a limited amount of domains allowed... I'm not having any problems with that. Although I'm not trying to mask it or anything, just straight forwarding. What's the difference between 301 and 302?
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