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teamdynadot posted:
In the domain search pages:

There is now a "Add and Checkout" button, if you are signed into your Dynadot account, and you have an account balance.

This button will automatically set your order to use the account you are signed into. It will also automatically apply your account balance to the order. Then it will bring you to the order submission page where you can submit your order.

So now you can submit orders much faster. Remember, you have to be signed into your Dynadot account, and have an account balance for this to work.
ReplyQuote1/25/2007 11:10
smartico posted:
great. but, this method is still not fast enough for the die hard domainers out there.. add to cart & submit button would solve all our problems! (1 click)

thanks dynadot, you rock!
ReplyQuote4/20/2007 15:14
teamdynadot posted:
Ok, I will add it to our feature request list.
ReplyQuote4/21/2007 14:08
Any update on this 1 click process? It's three years later.

I tried to get a dropping domain today and it was available when I clicked the submit. But then there were many screens and steps that made it impossible to finish in time and domain was snapped by another service. Too bad. It was so close.

Another suggestion: Make the ckeckout button at the top without need to scroll. Another precious seconds wasted.
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