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Forums -> Engineering Corner -> Domain Suggestion Tool
teamdynadot posted:
We have added a new domain suggestion tool. You can enter some keywords, and the tool will generate a list of possible domain names that are related to your keywords.
ReplyQuote12/5/2006 17:56
raph posted:
It's actually surprisingly useful. One bug you may or may not have noticed is that if you enter something in the suggestion box then press enter rather than actually click the suggest button it doesn't return any results. The search for domains page is the same. Or is it just my machine playing up? It's only a small issue anyway.
ReplyQuote12/29/2006 02:32
teamdynadot posted:
Pressing 'enter' on the keyboard seems to work for us.

I don't think there would be way in html to require that the form button is clicked rather than pressing enter while in a text box in the form.
ReplyQuote12/29/2006 15:02
kate posted:
raph: I suspect it's the browser you are using that is submitting the form without the suggest button as part of the POST request.
ReplyQuote1/1/2007 16:06
raph posted:
You're right... this is the second problem like this I've found with Windows Vista. Something similar was happening on one of my own sites. If I use firefox on windows xp there isn't a problem.
ReplyQuote1/2/2007 23:09