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1, 2, 3 Character WS Domains
3/22/2007 16:38
We now support the registration of 1, 2, and 3 character WS domains. The registration price is:

3 char - $495
2 char - $990
1 char - $49,500

- The WS central registry has set higher prices for 1, 2, and 3 character domains.
- Renewal costs are the same as above.
- This pricing does not apply to WS IDNs because all punycode is longer than 3 chars.

Register a Domain

Price List
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Posted By kate
3/23/2007 14:34
Wow $49,500 for 1-char .ws domain.
Any takers ?
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4/15/2007 12:51
Well I have to admit, there are some's I wouldn't mind owning but that is out of my pricerange..I wonder who snagged hehe
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Posted By c-web
4/22/2007 23:12
How many other registars offer 1-3 character WS domains? I dont think I've seen a lot, they normally just say "Domain is too short"

I wonder what the resale value of one of these would be.
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4/23/2007 04:13

Regular One-letter .ws are available for $49.500 as you know...

Here some very good alternative:

> One letter IDN in latin (a, c, e, i, o, u with accent) <

- A      

- C      

- E      

- I      

- O      

- U      

All are very used in spanish, french, italian, portuguese, brazilian...
(for example, you push only one button on your latin keyword , two max.)

$500 wanted for each
Buy all for $5000 instead of $8000 (16x$500)

Sorry, this forum don't display IDN so you have to copy/paste domains in your browser to see the letters...

Make offer on please.
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8/14/2008 18:16
Can we delete this domains for credit?

[This post has been edited by neodomainer on Aug 14, 2008 6:16pm.]
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8/15/2008 10:00
neodomainer:  Yes, they can be deleted for credit.
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