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user_4426 posted:
I would ask, how much time payment's processing takes usually ?
ReplyQuote3/4/2012 17:04
user_4426 posted:
too long ;>
ReplyQuote3/4/2012 21:23
2mf posted:
Kinda random ;) From few minutes to few days.
ReplyQuote3/5/2012 04:38
user_4426 posted:
It seems youre right. Im still waiting...
ReplyQuote3/5/2012 06:01
teamdynadot posted:
Your order required manual approval and we requested verification, so it took a little longer to process than normal.  It usually only takes a few minutes.
ReplyQuote3/5/2012 16:34
ReplyQuote3/15/2012 22:25
teamdynadot posted:
If manual approval is required,  it will have to wait until business hours:  9am-6pm Pacific Time.
ReplyQuote3/17/2012 16:36
r_swansea_gb posted:
can anyone help? iv won a domain and payed with paypal, order status just says processing. order id 1749238
ReplyQuote4/19/2012 08:19
teamdynadot posted:
To:   r_swansea_gb

Auction wins take 3-4 days to process as you are waiting out the tail-end of the original Registrant's 'Renewal Grace Period'.  The domain is scheduled to be pushed to your account on May 22, 2012.

Most other orders are processed immediately unless they require verification.
ReplyQuote4/21/2012 16:44
Here the same. I'm waiting even if the payment happened. Do you work on Sunday too or I have to wait until tomorrow?
ReplyQuote4/22/2012 05:40
teamdynadot posted:
Yes,  we work on Sundays.  Looks like your order was processed a couple of minutes after you completed the requested verification.
ReplyQuote4/22/2012 13:19