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Forums -> Payment Issues -> Processing a "Waiting for Payment" order
tech_entrance posted:
I was registering a new domain name few days ago using my credit card and discovered it's empty and the order is now in "Waiting for Payment" status and i need to pay it using moneybookers which has funds and i need to pay the order to complete the registration -  how can i do this ? just ignore the pending order and make a new one or what ?
ReplyQuote2/4/2007 13:47
teamdynadot posted:
You can email us and we will reset the payment method for your order.

Or you can just create a new order, and the system will automatically cancel the old order then the seconds order completes.

We are currently working on a way to modify the payment method for an order from the account area.
ReplyQuote2/4/2007 23:29
Thanks for your reply, i just created a new order and finished it

now you can delete the open order if you may do this

btw, is [email protected] the support e-mail ?
ReplyQuote2/6/2007 07:06
teamdynadot posted:
Our system automatically cancels the first order when you re-submit it.  Yes, our support email is [email protected]
ReplyQuote2/6/2007 12:15