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Forums -> Payment Issues -> Personal/Business Checks Now Accepted
teamdynadot posted:
We will now accept personal checks or business checks for all our services:

Checks have to clear before we can process your order. If using a check, we suggest using our prepay option:

By paying for account credits with a check ahead of time, your subsequent orders will be processed instantly.
ReplyQuote11/2/2006 12:41
You guys are nuts to accept checks for domain registrations. :P
ReplyQuote11/28/2006 00:25
teamdynadot posted:
Just wondering why you think accepting checks is not a good idea?
ReplyQuote11/28/2006 11:02
hmgs posted:
The problem with accepting checks is that a high percentage will NSF.

And you have no way of recovering the costs.

Of course accepting of checks as a restricted "prepay" option would drop the abuse somewhat.

Large ISP's have policies to actually phone and talk to the person wishing to register a domain no matter what payment option is used.

Good Luck :)
ReplyQuote11/28/2006 13:46
teamdynadot posted:
I see, so the concern is that checks would bounce. Our policy is to wait for checks to clear, before processing the order. Does that solve the problem, or are there other concerns?
ReplyQuote11/28/2006 15:14
chuckster posted:
Waiting for the check to clear almost solves it. But how much does your bank charge you when a check bounces? Maybe you should have a minimum buy-in for checks. Like they have to fund an account with $25 or $50 dollars. At least that way the NSF fees will be offset by the people who fund accounts but never use the money.
ReplyQuote11/29/2006 08:16
teamdynadot posted:
Yes, our bank does charge us for bounced checks. That is a good point. So far, we get many more credit card chargebacks and Paypal reversals than bounced checks.
ReplyQuote11/29/2006 23:25
and how do u usually react to this ?

biggest thing i hate about paypal is charge backs even if paypal isn't supported in my country
ReplyQuote1/7/2007 16:19
teamdynadot posted:
If we get Paypal reversals or credit card chargebacks, then there is not much we can do. It is part of running a business that sometimes people will try to cheat you. We consider it a business expense.

We do have fraud filters to try to limit the fraud we get.
ReplyQuote1/8/2007 12:34