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Paypal Payment Link Problems
1/30/2007 14:41
We've been recently notified by one of our customers that Paypal seems to be having problems with their payment link system.  More information about this problem (should you run into it) can be found in this forum thread:
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1/30/2007 23:21
I just purchased my domain name through there and didn't experience any thing.
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1/31/2007 15:18
We do not know the specific cause of this problem, so it may not happen to all Paypal users.
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2/6/2007 00:11
I'm experiencing this with my latest order. I've tried different browsers, waited for a few hours, cleared cookies��same error (3504) all the time. I can log in normally to PayPal just fine; I just can't follow your transaction link.

Should I try creating a new order?
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2/6/2007 01:35
That is a good idea. Could you try a new order, and see if that helps. If you could post your results here that might help others too.

We have been receiving many Paypal orders today, so the problem seems to be affecting only some users.
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2/6/2007 12:44
I just created a new order for the same domain, and once again, I'm stuck once I get to the "Please click this link to pay using Paypal:". I receive an e-mail from you, and a reminder e-mail a few hours later, but unfortunately, no-can-do.

Specifically, your link redirects to a URL beginning with
, which is normal thus far. The rest of the URL is filled with info such as dynadot's PayPal account, the payment amount and currency, a return URL, etc.

I then get to log in (or create an account), which also redirects me, then loads a page containing this error:
"We are sorry, we are experiencing temporary difficulties. Please try again later. If this error occurred while making a payment, avoid duplicate payments by checking your Account Overview before resending a payment.

Message 3504"
in a number of languages.

Of note, my account is German, but I haven't had problems with ordering via PayPal at dynadot before; I've bought two domains this way last year. PayPal does not list the order under "Recent Activity", nor do the balances change; it clearly aborts before it even gets to that point.

So, I'm afraid I haven't found a solution to this.
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2/6/2007 14:49
Sounds like you are experiencing the exact problem mentioned in the link posted above:

Hopefully Paypal can fix the problem soon.

Also, Moneybookers is a good alternative. Their system is more reliable than Paypal in our experience.

By the way, thank you for posting your results here.

[This post has been edited by dynadot_staff on Feb 6, 2007 2:50pm.]
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1/12/2008 06:10
Also have the same problem. I'm from Germany too. May there's a problem for German users?

Can't I send you the money to your private PayPal and you buy it for me?

[This post has been edited by m_m_achim_de on Jan 12, 2008 7:06am.]
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1/14/2008 18:24
Sorry, we are unable to accept Paypal payments directly. Paypal's website may have been undergoing maintenance when you submitted your order. You may want to wait a while and try the payment link again. Or you can submit a new order for the same items to get a new payment link just in case there are any browser caching/cookie issues with the previous Paypal payment page.
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Posted By seren
1/30/2008 15:21
I would seem to be having a problem too. I bought one domain last night, with no problems. I've just bought two more for my husband, and though my payment to paypal has gone through, as I got a recipt, Dynadot is still showing them as awaiting payment.

Edit, scratch that! It was just Dynadot's page being slow for some odd reason. It's okay now, the account page is showing that the payment has gone through. Thanks!

[This post has been edited by seren on Jan 30, 2008 3:22pm.]
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