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Paypal paying question
8/5/2007 10:10
  Can i pay thru an unverified paypal account ? I cant verify my account because i don`t have a credit card or a bank account and i really need a domain .

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Posted By martin
8/5/2007 10:15
Yes, you can.
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8/5/2007 10:17
Oh, please tell me how to do it .
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Posted By martin
8/5/2007 11:05
It's very easy: just add the domains you want to the shopping cart and then do the checkout. You will be asked to insert your paypal user/pass in the process.
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8/5/2007 11:15
Add a Bank Account to Complete Purchase

I told you that i have an unverified account and i can`t pay like that .
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8/5/2007 19:40
We allow unverified accounts.

However, Paypal sometimes requires a bank account or credit card when paying with an unverified accounts. It is a security requirement that they have.

This requirement only happens sometimes, and we don't know how they decide which unverified accounts are subject to the requirement.

Many of our customers can pay with unverified accounts. But some are required to add a bank account.
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