getdomains posted:
you are offering .info 2.99 USD for first year but i do not know why it is not working?
ReplyQuote7/3/2007 00:10
I registered about 10 .info domains a week ago and it was 2.99 per domain
ReplyQuote7/3/2007 05:32 - domain registration - 1 year ($7.99)                -$7.99

looks like its not 2.99 any more!
ReplyQuote7/3/2007 05:42
getdomains posted:
I think some body from staff can better answer?
Is this a system problem or they have change the prices?
As Dynadot is still displaying the rate 2.99 USD at many parts of their site.
ReplyQuote7/3/2007 11:04
getdomains posted:
yes the same did i but i think there is some problem these days.
ReplyQuote7/3/2007 11:21
teamdynadot posted:
The .info sale ended, so first year registration prices are back to $7.99.
ReplyQuote7/3/2007 13:47
mellie posted:
GoDaddy is still at $1.99 for the first year
ReplyQuote7/4/2007 00:10
teamdynadot posted:
We will look into it tomorrow. There is a new INFO special, but we have not had time to implement it yet.
ReplyQuote7/4/2007 18:15
getdomains posted:
We all are big fan of DynaDot, please revise your rates for .info as many others are still offering this at a special rate of 1.99 USD
ReplyQuote7/5/2007 08:35
Anymore information yet on a new pricing structure for .info names?
ReplyQuote7/13/2007 22:14
Where is still offering it for $1.99 or less ?
ReplyQuote7/14/2007 04:21