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Identify verification
4/19/2008 05:40
I received this email from DynaDot:


Dear xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,

To minimize fraud, sometimes we ask our customers to verify their identity. Please send us a copy of your photo ID (drivers license or passport).

1. Send by fax: +1-415-869-2893 (secure)
2. Send by email attachment: [email protected] (not secure)

If we do not receive this within 2 days, we reserve the right to cancel your domain name or web hosting.

Best Regards,
Dynadot Staff


(1) I received it in the start of weekend, so, I hope that 2-day limit is weekend exclude.

(2) I am a new customer of DynaDot, but I've been customer of other Registras for years, and I have not seen any verification like this... anyway, I do not mean DynaDot is something something. Different registras having different ways of doing business. I *do* read other posts and replies in this forum regarding to this issue, and I respect the way DynaDot does business.

The domain owner listed in Whois Database is my friend's name+post-office-address with my email+phone contact. So, I do not know which ID you need for the verification. If you need *my* ID, then it's no problem. But if you need my friend ID... well, my friend does not seem happy to send her ID to a "complete stranger on Internet" (that how she said).

Anyway, that's the situation. I can send a scan of my personal ID to you for the purpose of checking. (I really do not know how you can check because all my address, name, etc. are not there in the Whois database anyway). If you insist to have the ID of the owner listed in Whois, ok, then I have to talk to my friend again. If she still does not agree (which is likely so), then I will have no choice but move all my domains out of dynadot to another registra. If it is the case, I feel quite sorry, and I hope DynaDot will understand my situation. Personally, I like DynaDot for the clean design and fast service... but... That's my situation. I tried to make a phone call to you to see how to solve this issue ... but your staff are not in office during weekend.

[This post has been edited by t_d_toronto_ca on Apr 19, 2008 5:52am.]
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4/19/2008 06:28
i think they are checking the credit card payment that you made (did you pay with credit card?) to be from the same guy owning the card, so its not fraudulent, i might be wrong, i think you need to send them a scanned id of the person owning that card, which might be you
let us know how this goes, im not comfortable as well to know my very personal details are stored by someone in another country..
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4/19/2008 07:31
Hi Phicore,

I paid by Paypal
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4/19/2008 09:52
um ok, maybe you dont have a verified paypal account? im using 2 paypal's mine and my wifes but both are verified, and using moneybookers sometimes
i wonder how they mark certain account as possible fraud, but i guess thats classified :-)
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4/19/2008 16:30
Hi Phicore,
Hm... i think both Paypal and Moneybooker verify the card before it allows customer to buy/sell. I have accounts in both of them. But rarely used moneybooker's one.
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4/19/2008 16:47
thats the basic verification with the credit card, but to be verified fully with both they ask you to send scanned copy of some ID or/and bank statements, the account shows as unverified until you do so and some merchants like dynadot might be suspicious if you are unverified, i know some arent even accepting payments from unverified because of the risk of chargebacks and fraud
might be that your paypal is not "verified" like that or who knows, i hope dynadot staff will look into it and provide more info (interested myself, like i said i dont want to go through this procedure because im not comfortable with my ID info around the internet, paypal has it so should be enough)

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4/19/2008 17:54
Hi John,
That's weird! There are ways of verify the card ownership without the need of getting personal information. Paypal and Moneybookers already do that. Anyway, for whatever reason, it is not fair to say: if the verification process is not done in 2 days, then the customer lost domain names!!!!
Let's wait to see how DynaDot answer.

[This post has been edited by t_d_toronto_ca on Apr 19, 2008 5:57pm.]
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4/20/2008 13:46
yep, 100% with you, what if you (or me or who else is reading this) are on holiday away after youve just reged your domains..
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4/21/2008 10:33
Looks like this has already been taken care of.
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6/7/2008 18:08

I have received the same email from at it says that scanned id must be sent within 2 days. it is weekend now and how it is possible and the second I feel unconfortable with my personal id.

I used my wife's Credit Card but the address is the same.

If some thing happen then who will be responsible for Identity Theft case.

I need more time to consult with somebody about this matter.

What DynaDot would like to say about it.

If the situation is still complicated , then I will move all my domains to where I have more than 500 domains.

I am unhappy with

Please reply.

[This post has been edited by f_e_t_montreal_ca on Jun 7, 2008 6:13pm.]
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6/8/2008 11:11

dont worry about it, itll be fixed
give them a phone call maybe

i too i wouldnt be very comfortable with sending my ID over the internet.. they didnt asked me still but i used only paypal and moneybookers, i dont like to use CC online either, if they would i would follow procedure but might think as well about moving domains.. so this policy they have, they should think to change it someway or tell us what to do to avoid it, like dont use CC because its a higher fraud rate or i dont know..
still dynadot is the best registrar ive found and you should think at that too before moving, godaddy is awful and might bite your behind some other ways
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