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dnbucket posted:
Hello, i have domain with dynadot. . But i am using other web hosting. i want to transfer web hosting here. Are there any tools provided by dynadot. which will help me to transfer my website here.
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teamdynadot posted:

Unfortunately, we do not have a system whereby the entirety of your website's contents can be migrated over to our hosting service(s).
You will need to build and upload your website from scratch if you want it hosted using our servers. We offer three different options:

Website Builder (Drag & Drop interface that is offered in Free, Basic, Pro, or Business Packages)

Email Hosting (predominantly for emails and supports one static web page)

VPS Hosting (for more advanced users who are comfortable with installation and troubleshooting independently)

Otherwise, if you choose to stay with your current web hosting provider, you can simply set your domain's name servers or create custom DNS records to point to the existing site.

How do I set my name servers for my domain?

How do I set up DNS for my domain?

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