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Forums -> Web Hosting -> How to publish my webpage not created using the Dynadot Website Builder
j_s_northborough_us posted:
I have coded my own page using Bootstrap, html, etc. How can I publish it on my xyz domain name? I do not want to use a website builder template.
ReplyQuote8/7/2020 18:02
I am wondering the same thing. I bought a domain name and have already built my website with html, css, and js files but now I do not know what to do. How am I supposed to connect them? They make it very complicated.
ReplyQuote1/14/2021 03:29
teamdynadot posted:
@j_s_northborough_us Hi I’m really sorry for the late reply
You can use a 3rd party webhosting service and upload your website there. Make sure to use our DNS settings to link your domain.
We also provide VPS hosting service which provides a user with much more freedom in website creation:
ReplyQuote3/20/2021 17:08
what's the point? we buy your domain because we want to upload our website, lol
ReplyQuote10/7/2022 17:40
Bruh.. Never buying from you guys again
ReplyQuote3/18/2023 10:02
Bruh.. Never buying from you guys again
ReplyQuote3/18/2023 10:02