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j_s_narre_warren_au posted:
In recent weeks, I am getting countless telephone calls from telemarketers, trying to sell to me webhosting, website building, or other.


I want to send a message to these pains, there is no hope whatsoever of getting business from me, for the following,

#1, I feel that telemarketing is one of the most rude means of attracting customers.  You give your brand a seriously black name.

Telemarketing, is far worse than SPAM emails by far, because of how rude it is.

There is little in life of which is worse than being rudely interrupted while I am working on my own websites. I do need to concerntrate, and do I hate those who break that with a little ring of the telephone.

#2, I am very happy with Dynadot, and my local provider for some of the services.  Even if you offer something cheaper, it would still not be worth my while to move, just to save a little bit more.

As for my local provider, they provide me with a level of security of which is beyond what anybody can provide me from outside of my local geographical area.  I have been with Dynadot for many years, have developed many years of trust.  Nothing can beat that trust. Nobody can beat that vital fact.

#3, I do all of my websites myself. At no time shall I waste valued money, when I can do the work myself.  Especially, when I do not have a lot of money to spare anyway.

#4, How can I verify your for real. How do I know you are not a scam criminal.  No matter how real or proper you are, I do not have the resources to check up on you.  I DO NOT TAKE CHANCES, and there is no hope whatsoever of you ever gaining my trust.

#5, Lastly, our telephone is on a 'do not call' registry, with the Australian Government. That means, you break a serious Australian law when you call us to sell something.  I can get serious police charges on you.

So, can you see now, just how little chance you stand in getting business from me!!!.

DONT WASTE YOUR TIME by telephoning people for your business.
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teamdynadot posted:
Thanks for sharing your ideas and feedbacks with us. For domain registrations, the whois information are public. Not sure if this could help, but you could try privacy service to protect your personal information from being exposed to the public. And personally, I will use some spam block software to block those telemarketing phones. Hope this might be of help.
ReplyQuote5/17/2017 02:18
Can Dynadot offer a semi-privacy option.

Say, for a lower price, you give me privacy with some of the details such as telephone number, but keep my name and email there on the records?

I have had five phone calls in the last hour.

I would get the privacy option, but do not have the cashflow to protect the 100 or so domains I have, and, am not so bothered with a little bit of email spam as I am with telephone calls.

Could you explain how the spam block software works?
ReplyQuote5/18/2017 22:54
Terribly sorry for the late reply!

I completely understand your frustration. When I registered my domain, I was instantly hit with spam phone calls and even a letter in the mail asking if I wanted to buy products and services I didn't want. I immediately added privacy for $3, but with over 100 domains, i can see why it can be challenging to get privacy for them all.

Unfortunately, we don't have any privacy coupons available, but I will keep an eye out and absolutely let you know if something comes up that can help you.
ReplyQuote8/16/2017 16:46