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t_c_au posted:
I am experiencing some problems with a phpBB setup I have hosted with you. For multiple users we have been experiencing lots of "500 Internal Server Errors" and similar errors. When I log into cPanel and check the service status I sometimes also get "500 Internal Server Errors" but when it does let me log in the service status shows that "swap used" and "named" have alerts on them. Would this be a contributing factor?

Is there anything I can do to reduce the amount of internal server errors we are getting? I think it is something dynadot will need to resolve but figure I would ask her first.

It sucks not being able to use the web hosting you have paid for 20% of the time because it errors out.

ReplyQuote4/16/2013 16:44
t_c_au posted:
It seems to be particularly bad today as I can't even log into cPanel with the following error coming up;

"Internal Server Error


No response from subprocess ( (cpanel)) with exit signal: 127"
ReplyQuote4/16/2013 21:17
teamdynadot posted:
Thank you for letting us know.  A technician is investigating now.
ReplyQuote4/17/2013 13:37
teamdynadot posted:
Thank you for your patience.  The issue has been repaired.
ReplyQuote4/17/2013 15:20
t_c_au posted:
Excellent news. Thanks-you.
ReplyQuote4/17/2013 16:38
teamdynadot posted:
You're very welcome.  Thank you for your patience.
ReplyQuote4/28/2013 17:15
t_c_au posted:

It looks like we are having the same type of problems again lots of internal server errors when loading pages. Any chance your tech can take another look and see if there is something that can be done to permanently resolve?

ReplyQuote5/15/2013 02:03
teamdynadot posted:
Are you still having these issues?
ReplyQuote6/18/2013 16:52  has the 500 Internal Server Error  problem again
ReplyQuote6/21/2022 00:21