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Forums -> IDNs -> URGENT: Japanese .コム / .com - Priority Access Phase
dungeon posted:
How do I register my .コム domain that matches my Japanese through dynadot? According to Verisign the Priority Access Phase begins Feb 1, 2016. I want to make sure I lock this in before the general landrush period.


こんにちは.com (registered on dynadot)

こんにちは.コム (Matching IDN I want to register)
ReplyQuote1/31/2016 20:03
teamdynadot posted:
Verisign actually moved the start of the Priority Access Period for their Japanese Katakana .COM domain extension, so don't worry you haven't missed it! It is now starting 3/15/16 00:00 UTC and will run through 5/15/16 00:00 UTC. We will be supporting it and you will be able to register your domain name through us during these dates. We have more info on our TLD page:
ReplyQuote3/7/2016 18:45
dungeon posted:
Thank you very much for info. I returned promptly and 3/15 however I'm receiving error when trying to register a domain name that I own in the japanese form. Please help, many thanks!

"Error  Priority Access until Sun, 15 May 2016 17:00:00 PST"
ReplyQuote3/15/2016 13:41
Well, today I'm trying to register mine but they won't show up in the shopping cart every time I try to add them.

So what's the story on this?
ReplyQuote3/16/2016 04:42
teamdynadot posted:

There were some issues with this a few days ago, but should be resolved now. Have you tried again recently?
ReplyQuote3/18/2016 15:20
Yes, I was able to do it at a later date. Thanks!
ReplyQuote4/13/2016 13:34
teamdynadot posted:
ReplyQuote4/20/2016 15:41