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.NAME IDNs now available
11/7/2009 18:47
Starting less than an hour ago, you can register International Domain Names (IDNs) for .NAME:
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11/8/2009 01:17
It's now an hour or more ago I put domains in, (several orders) and they KEEP being busy already for an hour or more "PROCESSING". And when lookking in the whois nothing seems to be registerred.
In 1 of my bulkorders however I added a .net IDN also half an hour ago or so.
After 5 minutes ONLY the dotnet-domain appeared under my NEW DOMAINS.
And if I try the other domains to reregister to control the whois of the -IDNS that are processing, it seems "that the domain is available" (So I or someone else would be order a domainname I enterred and payed for already AGAIN ????)

NOTE : I specifically enterred the dotnetname in my latest bulkorders of namedomains, to be sure that it was nothing with my cr-card or something else.
But as it succeeded the mistake can't be there.

In my email : All the orders are "received" (so several emails)
And I got a mail about the .net that was part of a bulkorder saying it is registerred.

ARE THEY RALLY BEING PROCESSED TO THE DOTNAME-REGISTRY (and there's something wrong at Dynadot) or has the REGISTRY been down because of a huge amount of applications ???


I saw that a certain domain that I CHECKED (but couldn't order).
It is "not available", and I couldn't order this domain.
In the whois I only can see a large text
The domainname ID
The Domain-name in the xn--code
And the Domain statuts : ClietntransferProphitied.
But no mentioning of registrar or registrant, or time of registration, etc...

SO : The whois is partly working I guess ?)
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11/8/2009 01:35
I made some minor errors in my previous message (syntaxis)

The sentence in the beginning (5th line) SHOULD BE
And if I try the dotname-idn-domains that I already registerred and payed for, and check their availability : THEY KEEP BEING "AVAILABLE" according to the answer : This means that the domain is still FREE, although I already orderred and payed for it and got email of orderreciept.!!! HOW is this possible ???
(What if somebody else tries to register it after me; because they seem to be available still according to checking them a 2nd time ?)

PLEASE REPLY HERE and in my email. (I'll send an email too, and forwoard the orders-emails back to you so you can see about what domains it's going).


(AND SOMETHING ELSE : Your policy is that you don't return money and only put money in the balance in case of failure, I hope this won't be the case here. MY PROBLEM IS THAT I'M SCARED OF LOOSING TOO MUCH MONEY from my crcard.
I want to register MORE DOMAINS, but I'm getting afraid of what happens.
If they all fail (the ones I still want to register) it's a lot of money. So please hurry, if you can.
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Posted By k_s_a
11/8/2009 03:11
Where is the Tecc Support ?
No buddy reply ?
We have regisiterd and paid .
but still availble
I try to contact by phone and Email nobody reply  , no thing change ???
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11/8/2009 09:17
Sorry, but we used up all our credits with the .NAME registry. We are working on getting more credit added. All processing orders should complete as soon more credit is available. Again, we are very sorry for the inconvenience.
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11/8/2009 09:24
Can you explain this a bit better ?????

We payed, so you have money to give to the .name-registry,
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11/8/2009 09:25
AND if double orders are done :
How are you going to work : first come first served ?????
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11/8/2009 09:43
But only the money is not at the dotnameregistry yet ??

Because if this (accepted our orders) isn't the case, then other registrants can already since 5 UTC have registerred domains that we orderred at Dynadot, even AFTER we did the orderings. So we loose because of Dynadot hasn't credit enough at NAME-registry ?

What I'm concerned about is this :
As far as I know I began registering a couple of hours after 5 UTC, so f.i. 8 UTC, and if somebody at another registrar asked for the same name at let's say 11.30 UTC , WILL THAT PERSON WILL GET THE DOMAIN ?
OR  WILL I get that domain, because order was placed FIRST ?

Please replyµ
(also on the question if there are two orders of different applicants for the same domain at Dynadot : who will get the domain : will the ordernr. count ?)

Please reply,

NOTE : I checked at another registrar 1 domain, but have not credit enough there for the moment.
But I could check, and it said the domain was also till available.
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Posted By k_s_a
11/8/2009 10:43
We still waiting to resolve the problem for more than 12 hours
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11/8/2009 18:23
Hello Dynadot :

NOW, some several hours later (i guess 10 hours or more) something else happened :

NOW I SEE INSTEAD OF "PROCESSING, "PROBLEM" after all the orders of dotNAME-IDN-domains that were processing

For Heaven sake : What's WRONG ??? , PLEASE RELPY
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Posted By k_s_a
11/8/2009 18:37
satus changet to Problem

could you fix that ?
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