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j_m_toronto_ca_16 posted:
Several of my sites using the Dynadot DNS system are not responding to NS queries. I tried to talk to a support agent but that also appears offline.
ReplyQuote8/25/2019 09:07
I am getting the same issue with mine.

One page on tumblr, and the other on github pages, so likely not their issue, but Dynadot's.

IP lookup tool says everything is okay, but the page snapshot tool is saying the page is unavailable.
ReplyQuote8/25/2019 10:43
I've had to urgently migrate DNS away from Dynadot. I've seen reports of others experiencing this issue as old as 11 hours ago but no response from Dynadot on here, on social media, or on my support ticket.  
ReplyQuote8/25/2019 10:51
Ouch, thanks for the heads up!
ReplyQuote8/25/2019 11:16
According to the support chat, it's just DNS cache (might be at router level, since clearing browser cache doesn't do anything).
Will clear itself over time.

The page loaded for them perfectly fine.

Will give it some time (shrug)
ReplyQuote8/25/2019 11:29
Thanks for the update!

I didn’t have time to wait for caches to clear.
ReplyQuote8/25/2019 11:55
They saying bollocks
ReplyQuote8/25/2019 12:35

Yeah, actually it doesn't work on my cell network either. So it can't be my local cache...
ReplyQuote8/25/2019 13:23
I'm blown away that they are ignoring this issue so hard. Seriously reconsidering Dynadot as my primary registrar.
ReplyQuote8/25/2019 13:44