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Forums -> Keep Up with Dynadot -> The nightnare of "Change your password" demand without notice
j_s_narre_warren_au posted:
Today, I had one of the greatest nigtmares of which can face anybody who uses the internet on a regular basis.

A demand by Dynadot, to change my password before I could do anything that I urgently needed to do.

Cant there be a warning, say, in the month ahead, "Time to change password by the end of the month", so I could be given the chance to change the password in a more relaxing way.

Being "put on the spot" like that, is, dangerous, in many different ways.

#1, I really dont have any email accounts outside Dynadot of which I use on any regular basis.  I cant tell you how lucky I am, that I do have such, and, almost a freak chance, I did remember the password I had for that???  See how this would have "blocked me forever from Dynadot"

#2, Being put on the spot to change the password like that, poses such serious problems when it comes to, my ability to select a suitable password to have, and for me to remember that password too, when I may not have paper or other recording means by my side at that moment.

#3, Furthermore,  What if I had to access an email or other urgently, and, I had only a limited opportunity for me to do that urgent task.  Being put on the spot like this, can destroy my opportunity to do what I needed to do, just for the time it takes to mess around with getting a  new password like this.   I could have lost domain names I forgot to renew, or buy new ones I needed for a business, or, important other needs.

I will also say, why would we need to change our password on a regular basis anyway?

Unless a hacker was looking over my shoulder, or my e-shoulder as I type in a password, or if they hack your database containing my password, then how are they going to guess my old password any better than my new one?

I have had fairly simple passwords for 20 years, including for banking and other matters.  I have never had a problem, unless you count myself being blocked because I cant remember what is my Password right now.  Mind you, I am never silly enough to use words like Pass or code etc.
ReplyQuote6/15/2022 20:15
teamdynadot posted:
Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for this inconvenience, during our team's routine security checks they discovered irregular activity and to ensure all customers are protected we requested for you to reset your password before you could access your account. The security of your account is always a priority for us. It is actually why we have routine security checks in place. If there were difficulties with changing your password, our accounts team would certainly help you to access your account. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via email, chat support or phone.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

Dynadot support team
ReplyQuote6/23/2022 02:55