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Forums -> Keep Up with Dynadot -> Dynadot domain forwarding not working anymore
m_n_singapore_sg_2 posted:
I have 2 domains registered with Dynadot. Both using domain forwarding to youtube and facebook. Forwarding is not working anymore!.
Also, why is my status marked as inactive?
ReplyQuote1/22/2022 08:10
randycan posted:
Yep, it went down yesterday afternoon for me and I reported it via chat. Happens frequently, but usually is fixed fairly quickly. This is going on 24 hours now.
ReplyQuote1/22/2022 08:37
I just changed nameservers to another host.
Just my hobby websites/domains. It's mitigated for now.
ReplyQuote1/22/2022 09:26
teamdynadot posted:
Hello. My sincerest apologies. Please note that if you have any trouble or keep experiencing the same issue and need a quick response do not hesitate to contact our chat support or reach us via email at [email protected]
ReplyQuote4/22/2022 07:34