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m_i_r_chittagong_bd posted:
Hey i ordered few domain today but its still pending , please have a look
ReplyQuote3/27/2016 09:25
teamdynadot posted:
Looks like your orders have been completed. Let us know if you have any other question.
ReplyQuote3/31/2016 02:36
Same problem.  No delay taking the money tho
ReplyQuote1/6/2017 08:14
teamdynadot posted:
We do ask for verification for some orders. Typically, this is done for new accounts and will only be needed once. We do apologize for the inconvenience, but this is necessary to avoid fraud.
ReplyQuote2/14/2017 11:49
i also buy through visa debit, but i stil see pending order and status: processing. Please explain for me
ReplyQuote2/26/2017 17:30
teamdynadot posted:
Looks like you did not pass our fraud checks. We have cancelled the order and refund you. Let us know you have any other questions.
ReplyQuote3/2/2017 00:09
ReplyQuote3/7/2017 12:44
user_9343 posted:
ReplyQuote3/7/2017 12:44
teamdynadot posted:
@w_h_r_d_s_belo_horizonte_br and @user_9343 - Did you have a question for us?
ReplyQuote3/12/2017 13:44