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seo_sofia_bg posted:
Are you on dynadot have support at all? I send over your contact form 3 emails for last 3 days. And 3 days without answer??? And this for user on super bulk plan???

This is not the right way to do online business for me.

Please, answer me why one of my most important domains are over 3 days with Domain status: onhold? All data for domain are correct and verified.
ReplyQuote5/22/2014 21:42
seo_sofia_bg posted:
P.S. Domain is ... edited.
ReplyQuote5/22/2014 21:45
teamdynadot posted:
We cannot discuss the issue with you here, but please refer to the emails we sent you May 21 and 22 for more information.
ReplyQuote5/25/2014 17:21
seo_sofia_bg posted:
I don't receive any email from you, maybe is due on some spam filter in my email account in cpanel. Is possible to send me the same messages on PM, here on forums?
ReplyQuote5/25/2014 23:35
seo_sofia_bg posted:
I find and read your message, but don't understand why domain is suspended, may be after some "great report" from competitor in google. Is suspended from you, right? I have read rules on more than 5 times. And this domain not use any of these bad things.

So, may be you must say to your users why domains are suspended from some reports like this. And if there is a problem with some domain, why domain owner is not emailed to fix problem?
ReplyQuote5/26/2014 04:06
seo_sofia_bg posted:
Please, remove my domain status: "serverhold" to move it to other domain registar.
ReplyQuote5/26/2014 04:15
1242 replied seo_sofia_bg :
ReplyQuote5/24/2022 19:22
teamdynadot posted:
We apologize, but you would need to send an email to [email protected] for any questions or concerns about your domain.
ReplyQuote5/30/2014 15:24
seo_sofia_bg posted:
Received your answer and start communication over email. Thank you!
ReplyQuote6/3/2014 02:56
teamdynadot posted:
No problem. :)
ReplyQuote6/3/2014 10:11