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Hey. I recently bought the domain in Sedo from NotkaDomains for $ 249 for its further resale to the final consumer and in order to sell it would be good to first determine the price, but I can’t do it myself, so I wrote it here. Yes, of course, I could order a PREMIUM assessment, but I don’t want to pay for it. I personally think that the domain can cost € 50k, is that so? What do you think of it? And lastly, Tohel would give you these examples of sales practices: sold for $ 34,000 sold for $ 173,682 sold for $ 21,018 for sale in Sedo from € 36,000 sold out $ 47,866 sold out $ 63,325 for sale in Sedo from € 50,000 for sale in Sedo for € 50,000 for sale somewhere for € 15,000 for sale in Sedo for € 48,500 for sale in Sedo for € 36,000 sold for $ 128,947 sold for $ 334,428 (record!) for sale in Sedo for € 200,000

And more ...

Although I’m sure you’re much cheaper than these, but still. I think once the domain was sold for € 50,000, that means my can cost so much, is that so yes? Please help me with evaluating this domain. Thanks in advance for your help.

(My Sedo domain portfolio: )
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