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r_c_kettering_gb posted:

Do any of these domains have value?

Thanks for any help!
ReplyQuote4/22/2020 03:31
Hi, it's good to meet you.

I wrote the logic behind and would agree with the valuations below if you find an end-user for the domains.  The best way to find an end user is to put up a lander here at Dynadot (or elsewhere), ensure that you price all your domains and sign up for the Afternic "Premium Network".  By signing up for the Afternic Premium Network, you'll ensure that if anyone searches for your domain at any major Registrar, your domain and price will pop up as the first thing they see.

NameWorth domain appraisals:                                Tier 4 (Premium) - $2,450                               Tier 3 (High-Value Premium) - $4,450     Tier 4 (Premium) - $1,250               Tier 4 (Premium) - $1,450   NA (Low Value) $450 - This term gets CPC traffic, so you can bump the price up a little.

I have a little over 17 years in domain investing experience and currently have about 7,500 domains.  Feel free to connect via Linkedin.

Thank you,
Garett (
ReplyQuote5/13/2020 13:39
Thanks for your help Garrett, really appreciate it. Gives me more confidence putting them to market!
ReplyQuote5/16/2020 13:07
ReplyQuote7/15/2021 21:28
briansmith posted:
It's been 2 years since you posted this, can you share what you earned from these domains? And how long did you have to hold on to them?
ReplyQuote7/28/2022 00:45