Forums -> Customer Feedback -> "WHOIS contact info" option is removed on SHOPPRING CART page
9tn62gra posted:
We used to be able to set the WHOIS contact info for domains which where transferred to Dyndadot.

This option is now removed.  WHY?

Please add the option again!
ReplyQuote1/2/2017 06:28
teamdynadot posted:
This option is back! Thank you for your patience.
ReplyQuote2/12/2017 14:09
9tn62gra posted:
Awesome, thanks! (y)
ReplyQuote2/28/2017 06:44
teamdynadot posted:
You're welcome. We apologize for any inconvenience caused though. Again, thanks for your patience.
ReplyQuote3/2/2017 00:12