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rockefeller posted:
Id like an answer to that question. I have found MULTIPLE domain names which I was going to register have been taken as soon as 30 mins after I searched for them and they were open. Are you selling that information?
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5000domains posted: was snagged 30 minutes after I looked for it
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rockefeller posted:
dynadot is a great company. if you are doing this I feel that many of your customers will leave.

Check this out:
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The central registry when you do a whois there are other companies that somehow get the logs. They register the domain hoping to make a quick buck when you email them.  After 4.5 days of "tasting" it they will drop it without any offers.
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5000domains posted:
I'm not a fan of Afternic and Sedo
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5000domains posted:
On the flip side don't like 1 million names get registered a day?
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rockefeller posted:
and how many of those are dropped now due to tasting?
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5000domains posted:
Oh wow Chesterton Holdings picked up mine like some of the complainees
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teamdynadot posted:
We are not selling search logs. We would never do something like that. Several people have asked us this recently.

When you do a search, there are several places where your info may be intercepted.

1) Between your browser, and our web server. The connection is not SSL, though we have been thinking of adding a SSL protected search. There may be people out there sniffing traffic.

2) Between our server and the central registry. This is a SSL protected connection. I know we are not selling search data, and I sincerely hope the central registries are not doing it. The main search sends your request to all registries (COM, NET, ORG, INFO, WS, etc) and if only one of them is selling data then the search is compromised.

3) From our web server back to your browser.
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s_k_lodz_pl posted:
maybe this domains were recent drops and was reged by someone who was browsing droplist ?
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domainlist posted:
This is ridiculous, if you see a good domain name jump on it! other people are also playing the same game as you, 5-10 minute is a Looooong delay to register a good name, especially when there's now name auction that grab the name a few second after they drop!

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