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solobaja posted:
recently signed up for a service called Google Apps. It allows me to use Google applications--such as Gmail and Google Calendar--for my domain. My domain is hosted with you, and I need help creating a TXT record to prove to Google that I own my domain.

I have a unique security token from Google that I need to include in the Text field (sometimes called the TXT Record, Answer, or Value field) of the TXT record.

Note: You can find your security token in your Google Apps administrator control panel. It is a 68-character string that begins with google-site-verification:, followed by 43 additional characters (for example, google-site-verification:9B6L-KvJkGbaw3htkiLOGdDKLTFzqd0-8QKKz0TMg1Y).
The Host Name field (sometimes called the Record Host, TXT Name, or Host field) should be left blank. However, if a value is required in this field, enter the @ symbol.

Once the TXT record is created correctly, I'll be able to use Google Apps for my domain.
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woz posted:
dynadot support sucks. I need add with value, which both works smoothly on google and godaddy while sinks here. I chat with support here but I was suggested to contact my hosting SP, which sucks.
why I can't do right thing here like I done with my google and godaddy dns setting? what fails exactly on such a small technology?
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teamdynadot replied woz :
woz: What issue were you having when trying to set up a TXT record? Looks like you were able to successfully save it under your DNS page.
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teamdynadot posted:
solobaja: I don't see a domain in your account. Do you have more than one?

If you're using our DNS, you can set up the TXT record for your domain. Instructions can be found in our help link here: - Please contact our online chat or phone support if you'd like to speak to a live representative for additional help.
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