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Dynadot Difference: Trust, Transparency, & Stability

The Dynadot Difference: Trust, Transparency, & Stability

Paige Omandam
Jun 10, 2022 • 3 min read

With so many domain registrars on the web, it is challenging to decide who to trust. Other registrars may try to lure you in with pricing that is too good to be true, only to reveal a mediocre user experience and deceptive business practices. Sure, you can register a domain name at any registrar, but the difference is clear-cut when registering at Dynadot. 

At Dynadot, we understand that domain names are important assets that should be treated with the utmost care. With over 20 years in the domain industry, it is safe to say that your domains are in the hands of a company with your best interests in mind.


Customer-Driven Innovation

Customer feedback is the foundation of our products and services. For years, we have been responding to feature requests and suggestions to build the best tools for our users. Your recommendations don't get tossed in the trash bin; we take the time to review each request and create an action plan to implement them. 

Our domain control panel has been the most heavily influenced by our customers. One of our most popular features, the domain watchlist, started as a feature request. Today, thousands of customers use it to track the status of domains within Dynadot and other registrars. 



Many of the most popular registrars today have their own domain portfolios, cherry-picking the best expiring domains for themselves. This causes their customers to lose valuable domains to their own registrar. 

"Dynadot has never owned a portfolio of domain names," explains Dynadot's Founder and President, Todd Han. "We value our investor customers, which is why we do not want to compete with them or misuse their data." All expired domains at Dynadot are auctioned off or deleted, and not having a portfolio allows our customers to access all the best domain names. 


Employee Ownership

Besides placing great importance on our customers, Dynadot also highly values its employees. Dynadot is working towards employee ownership. What does this mean, exactly? Since Dynadot's founding in 2002, our founder Todd Han has had no intention of making Dynadot a publicly-traded company.

"Dynadot will become an employee-owned company starting in 2023. We decided that employees should own Dynadot instead of venture capital or a private equity firm," says Todd. "Dynadot has stayed independent as almost all the registrars around us have been bought up. Employee ownership will guarantee that we are accountable to our customers instead of a faraway banker."

We strive to serve our customers, not outside investors. By becoming employee-owned, the individual and collective hard work of the Dynadot team will continue to drive the company's success in the long term. Our employees can feel secure that a merger or acquisition will not throw them off course, allowing them to perform confidently in their roles. Most importantly, we can continue to keep our customers at the forefront of our efforts. 


The Dynadot Difference

The Dynadot Difference is transparency and stability. The new registrar on the block with the super-low pricing may disappear just as fast as they appeared, leaving customers scrambling to move their domains elsewhere. At Dynadot, we're a stable, long-term player in the industry, and we have no portfolio to hide and no ulterior motives. 

We're motivated by the satisfaction of our customers, and so far, we think it's paying off. For two years straight, we've topped the chart as Namepro's favorite domain registrar. Earlier this year, we reached four million domains under management. And, we've been adding new talent to our team to help us innovate further. As we grow, two things will remain a constant: our commitment to our customers and the empowerment of our team. 


Ready to discover the Dynadot Difference? Register your domain with us today! 

Paige Omandam
Marketing Associate

Comments (2)
Jun 12, 2022 10:10am
Thank you very much
Jun 15, 2022 1:25pm
Thank you for your service! :-)
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