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Create a Confident Brand Tone with .BEST

Paige Omandam
Jun 23, 2021

Think about the way your favorite brand communicates with you. What is it about them that makes you linger a bit longer on their social posts, compel you to click on their emails, and swipe up to view a link on their Instagram story? The key to engaging your customers for the long-term lies in your brand's tone. With proper consumer research combined with a calculated content plan, you can build a confident brand tone that will earn your customer's loyalty and keep them coming back for more. 

What makes a brand's tone?

A brand's tone refers to the way they communicate to their customers to invoke specific associations. From a consumer perspective, think about how certain brands make you feel after interacting with them. For example, when you see a Nike Ad, you may feel empowered and strong. When you see a Febreze Ad, you may feel refreshed and relaxed. If a brand conveys its tone successfully, you'll notice that it is consistent across its platforms and advertising methods. You'll be able to recognize the brand immediately just by the way they make you feel with their messaging. 

Creating a brand's tone 

The way you speak to your best friend is very different from speaking to your boss. Similarly, depending on the recipient of the message, brands must adjust their tone. Products or services targeted towards youth, for example, may exhibit a more funny, casual tone. However, if you're going for a more confident tone, you may want to avoid using passive voice, be authoritative but still approachable, and speak to the customer like they were a mentee of yours. 

Domain names and brand tones

You can use an impactful brand name to reinforce your brand's tone. .COM may be the most well-known domain extension, but it does not tell you too much about a brand. There is a huge branding opportunity within a domain name if you choose a relevant TLD. Take these two names, for example: 

BoldTekSolutions.COM vs. BoldTekSolutions.BEST

Which domain conveys a more confident tone? Which domain are you more likely to remember when you view a marketing email or read a social media caption? Choosing a domain extension like .BEST lets your audience know to expect nothing but the best for your brand. It also differentiates your business from competitors and enhances any marketing collateral you create. A .BEST domain name will look great on any business card, billboard, or social media campaign. 

Create a confident brand tone today by registering a .BEST domain! Register .BEST today for only $4.49 for 1-Year Registrations.

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