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How to create the perfect domain name.

Samantha Escobar
Mar 5, 2019
I had the pleasure of attending a Verisign sponsored event with the wonderful host Alexandra Watkins who presented "How to Ace the Startup Name Game" at UC Berkeley Berkeley-Haas Entrepreneurship Program. The presentation gave some wonderful insight and advice on how to create brand names for a business you have or are currently in the process of creating. Besides giving away excellent advice for brand names, she also presented ideas and tools on how to come up with an excellent domain name.

Here are some of my takeaways from the presentation. One of the most important things about picking a business name is to make sure that your domain name is memorable. Sometimes we can find a perfect domain for a business, and we get carried away and start ordering merchandise and begin promoting it. But with the many businesses you’re competing against, brainstorm a few to make sure yours won’t be forgettable. A domain name doesn’t have to be the exact name of your business as long as its related to your business, and is memorable.

The second biggest thing I learned is to make sure your business name has meaning. Alexandra Watkins has a structure that helps her brainstorm and come up with a business name. You can read more about her structures and brainstorming techniques in her book Hello My name is Awesome: How to Create Brand Names that Stick. Her book shares creative insight on how to come up with a great name for your business. One of the most memorable subjects in her book was about creating a name that is meaningful. When your business name is meaningful, others will notice, and it will be easier for individuals to remember. A meaningful name can invoke emotion and connect with an individual.

The third most important takeaway I learned from Alexandra's presentation is that finding a domain name is simple! Of course, you might be thinking that domain names are hard to find and can be a pain. Thanks to this amazing presentation I realized how easy it is to come up with a domain name and curate a perfect name for your website. Whether you want a website for personal use, business, portfolio, etc. there are many tools online that can help you brainstorm the perfect domain name. One of my favorite tools to use is an online thesaurus or NameStudio. If you find that the name you wanted has been taken, no worries! These websites can help you find and curate a domain name. These tools are vital to understand how a brand name can change the way individuals perceive your business.

I was delighted to enjoy Alexandra Watkins presentation, I learned a lot of helpful tips and if you're looking for a great marketing book, check out Hello, My name is Awesome: How to Create Brand Names that Stick for more helpful tips and ideas.


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Nov 7, 2023 12:18pm
Please list my domain to buyers
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