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new domain aftermarket landing page and make offer update

Dynadot Aftermarket Updates – ‘For Sale’ Landing Page and Make Offer System

Brett McKay
Sep 2, 2020

Our new aftermarket updates continue! A few weeks ago, we've launched our last chance auction - be sure to read our previous blog with all the details! Today, we're excited to go over our second of three large aftermarket updates. Dynadot has revamped the ‘For-Sale’ landing page design to improve your chances of selling your domain and created a new ‘Make Offer’ system to help keep domain negotiations as smooth as possible. Let's get into the details!

‘For-Sale’ Landing Page Update

Dynadot For Sale Landing Page

While we previously had a strong ‘For-Sale’ landing page available to show all your domain visitors that your domain was for sale, we decided it was time to make some improvements. With our newest ‘For Sale’ landing page update, we’ve restructured the look and feel of these pages while making adjustments to make it easier for users to submit offers on domains. To accomplish this, we redesigned the page to ensure that all for-sale pages are simple and trustworthy, ultimately so you can get more buyer prospects for your domains.

One of our major focuses with this landing page update is helping the seller build trust with potential buyers, as we realize the importance this plays when it comes to users submitting offers or inquiring about domain acquisition. To do this, we have put emphasis on ensuring that our landing page is secure while designing the page to be simplistic yet modern so users can easily make offers. This helps ensure that potential buyers focus on what’s important: the domain name itself and/or the listed price attached to the domain.

We have also changed these landing pages to be Dynadot branded. Domain landing pages will now forward to a page URL connected to the website and our logo will be displayed. This helps prevent potential prospects from being apprehensive about being on an unknown, untrusted website which may prevent them from proceeding with submitting an offer or contacting the domain owner. We want all your potential buyers to land on your ‘For Sale’ pages and feel confident that they are on a trusted for-sale page where they can make an offer.

With these new landing pages, you can set your domain to either a ‘Buy it Now’ price or allow other potential buyers to submit an offer. Our ‘Buy it Now’ system makes it easy and quick for your prospects to purchase a domain while our ‘Make Offer’ system allows for any potential buyers to make an offer directly through the landing page, regardless of whether they have a Dynadot account or not. It’s as simple as selecting your preferred currency, entering an amount and clicking the ‘Make an offer’ button. If the user is not logged into a Dynadot account, they will be required to submit their contact information, or they can login directly through the for-sale page. The domain owner will be notified via email once an offer is submitted and the negotiations can begin! This brings us to our new ‘Make Offer’ system.

‘Make Offer’ System

Dynadot Make Offer System

We wanted to make it easy to negotiate pricing for domains listed for sale, and our new ‘Make Offer’ system does just that. The new system has many advantages that smooth out the marketplace acquisition and selling process for both domain buyers and sellers. This includes:

  • Clean, easy to understand interfaces to quickly review offers received and your outgoing offers on domains you are interested in acquiring.

  • Organized lists of all your incoming offers and your outgoing offers on the offer summary pages. These pages include the domain names, latest messages from potential buyers, the most recent monetary offers, and the status of the offers.

  • Built-in chat system integrated directly in the platform to message the buyer or seller.

  • Easily submit new offer and counteroffer proposals during negotiations.

  • Sellers can select the currency of preference when the domain is sold.

  • Secure system to ensure smooth transactions. Both parties must accept an offer, and the seller is required to unlock their account for the domain transaction to proceed. The domain will become available to add to the buyer’s cart, and the secure checkout process for the specified offer amount proceeds.

How it Works

Making and Checking Offers

The new ‘Make Offer’ system can be accessed from your Dynadot account control panel in the sidebar panel under ‘Aftermarket’ -> ‘Incoming Offers’ or ‘Outgoing Offers’. Offers can be received either through the new Dynadot ‘For Sale’ landing pages or through the Dynadot Marketplace section of our Aftermarket. The interested buyer simply has to add their requested monetary amount on the specific domain of interest and submit the offer.

Offer Negotiations

The seller will then be notified that an offer has been received through their email address attached to their Dynadot account. The offer can be accessed through the previously mentioned ‘Incoming Offers’ page on the account control panel, where the seller can either submit a counteroffer or send a message to the user who submitted the original offer. This will open the opportunity for negotiation as the prospect will be able to communicate back through the ’Make Offer’ chat and/or submit a new monetary offer for the domain. If the domain listed becomes unavailable at any point during this negotiation period, new monetary offers cannot be submitted but the chat will continue to function.

Completing the Sale

Once an offer or counteroffer has been submitted and the other party accepts the offer, both the seller and buyer will be notified via email that an offer has been agreed upon. From there, it is just a matter of the seller unlocking their account and setting the domain for sale through our marketplace. When these two steps are complete, both the buyer and seller will be notified that the listing is ready. The buyer will then have the ability to add the domain to their cart and proceed through the checkout for the agreed offer price. Once the buyer has proceeded through the checkout, both the buyer and seller will receive a confirmation email that the sale is complete. Visit our Make Offer buying help page or our Make Offer selling help page for steps on how to buy and sell through this system.

We’re very excited about our updated ‘For Sale’ landing page and the new ‘Make Offer’ system, both which are available now. If you have any questions about either of these Aftermarket updates, please feel free to visit our help pages or contact support.

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