7 Tips to Hassle Free Online Shopping this Black Friday

Kristen Lambie
Nov 24, 2016

While Thanksgiving is a time for reflecting and relaxation, Black Friday can be both fun and hectic as you scrummage for discounts. After a full day of delicious food and quality family time, the deals start rolling in and it is important to be prepared for the virtual craze that comes with shopping online. To avoid the stress of missing out on your Black Friday deals, here are 7 tips to ensure you are able to grab that prized possession on the busiest shopping day of the year.

1. Get a Head Start

This Black Friday, be the first in line for some of the best online deals. Check for releases the night before and be amongst the first to see what is on sale by taking advantage of the sneak peaks retailers offer. Check out commercial flyers as they may offer similar deals online. Also, don't forget to check your spam or promo folders of your email as they may have some good deals coming in from retailers you've purchased from in the past. Make a list of your finds so you are on the ball as soon as those shopping carts open.

2. Throw it in the Bag

After you've found your items, fill your cart ahead of time. Most Black Friday deals last all weekend, so you can always fill your virtual shopping cart, contemplate and come back later to finish your transaction. Though we do warn you to act fast as those hot items will go. To ensure you don't lose those saved items, create an account with the retailer if that option is available.

3. Get an App

Use your multitasking skills to save time by using shopping flyer apps like Flipp or Groupon.They are a one stop shop comprised of various retail deals so you don't have to search through every website to get what you want.

4. Sign Up for Newsletters

Claim your VIP status! Sign up for newsletters from your favorite retailers. They often hold exclusive deals and offer freebies to their most loyal shoppers. It is also a great way to be the first to find out about sales on the hottest items available.

5. Keep an eye out for coupon deals

In addition to the discounts offered, keep an eye out for additional coupon deals. Some retailers may offer a percentage discount for first-time shoppers. There is nothing better than getting double the savings on your great finds.

6. Budget Your Money

It's easy to get lost in all the amazing products you've scouted. But things can add up quickly if you don't set a limit for yourself. So make sure you come ready with a set budget in mind. That way you know whether to keep it or leave it. Also by placing a limit on your spending you'll feel more confident that you've received the best bang for your buck.

7. Don't stress!

If you don't get that flat screen tv you've been eyeing, there's always Cyber Monday! It's like an endless cycle if shopping heaven. As one shopping door closes another opens. The very same tv may be on sale at an even better rate or you may find something better! Either way, if you miss out on the Black Friday deals then be sure to prepare yourself for Cyber Monday. So get to shopping and rollback on those savings!

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