A Very Important Domain, .VIP, Has Just Launched!

Annabel Maw
May 17, 2016

Lights, camera, action, .VIP has launched and is ready for registrations! The .VIP gTLD (generic top-level domain) is one of our most elite domains as it represents "a very important person." .VIP brings exclusivity to the next level because it creates a special space on the internet for websites of all kinds.

This domain's celebrity like nature is excellent for businesses and individuals as it has the capacity to gain recognition quickly and effectively. Whether you're a business that wants to showcase specials to VIP customers or are an individual of VIP status, .VIP has the "big name" that will help your website succeed. For instance, a concert venue business can showcase upcoming promotions by creating specific .VIP pages, such as GetBackstage.VIP or MeetCelebs.VIP. Besides using .VIP in businesses, individuals can also use this domain to express themselves in a unique way. Using a .VIP domain will surely give your website name the importance it needs. This domain already sounds pretty great, right? Well, it gets better because .VIP has no restrictions and is on sale now for $9.99! What are you waiting for, register your very own .VIP today!

Our $9.99 .VIP sale pricing is for all years of registrations, renewals, and transfers. Sale ends 5/17/17 16:59 UTC. No coupon required, just search for your .VIP domain and purchase.

Post by Annabel Maw

Priya Tamil
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May 26, 2016 10:31am
Albert Rock
Jan 17, 2017 2:19am
You can correctly make that statement about plenty of the other gTLDs, but not .VIP. Numbers don’t lie, and there’s obviously exceptional demand for this extension – primarily because it is a natural for building an online presence on. Domainers have to be careful about becoming too ‘shrewd’ for their own good, especially when it comes to .VIP. There are 7 billion people on the planet. They’re not all ‘highly educated’ or ‘sophisticated’ in the investing sense. So just because to Western sensibilities a ‘VIP’ has a particular connotation, it has a different one, i.e., ‘aspirational’ or ‘successful,’ one in other parts of the world. We’re clearly witnessing a bull market for .VIP, and the days are still VERY early in this multi-year run. So rather than be looking to put put-options on this on the 6th day of it’s general release, the naysayers should spend their time and effort finding gems in the .VIP mine. we are guide to u. | | |
Arjun Bts
Sep 23, 2017 2:30am
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