Tell 'Em What .SUCKS with Our Newest gTLD!

Samantha Banks
Jun 22, 2015

Want to share your opinion? Is your opinion a negative one? Well let them know just how much it sucks with our newest domain extension: .SUCKS! Now you can share exactly what you think, and can even say it in your domain name! Just register the name of whatever you think sucks, right on .SUCKS and you've made a great domain hack that shows your opinion, very clearly. Check out this new generic top-level domain (gTLD) and register your .SUCKS now.


.SUCKS is here to help consumers voice their opinions, and to help companies to find the value in criticism. The word "sucks" has now become a term that means "bad," and protests with just one word. With .SUCKS you can protest in a proactive, visible way right in your URL. Visitors will know your opinion from the get-go. When you register Something.Sucks, you're stating just what you think right there in your domain name! Register your .SUCKS now, and your website won't suck!

Happy domaining!

Post by Samantha Banks.