Introducing the .OSAKA geoTLD, & the City's Delicious Delicacies!

Samantha Banks
Mar 18, 2015

This post is for foodies and domainers alike! Today we're giving you a look into the city of Osaka, Japan, and with that comes a great explanation of some of the best dishes the city has to offer (since it's the culinary capital of Japan). Why? Today we're celebrating the launch of .OSAKA, the newest top-level domain (TLD) to join the Dynadot family. Today you can begin registering your .OSAKA during the Interlink Early Access Phase, and on 4/1/15 you can register one for General Availability. Get your .OSAKA and start targeting the right crowd!

Introducing .OSAKA geoTLD : Register .OSAKA Domains : Osaka's Best Foods - Udema Sky Building Panorama
View of Osaka from Umeda Sky Building, Laitr Keiows

About the .OSAKA geoTLD

With .OSAKA you can now reach the right crowd - the Osaka crowd! This geoTLD is perfect for businesses, restaurants, tourism sites, and of course, food sites. Anything and everyone to do with Osaka can now make their website stand out with .OSAKA. GeoTLDs have been shown to help SEO rankings, and Osaka could be another example of this phenomenon, so register your .OSAKA and help your website in the best way possible.

About the Food: Osaka's Best Dishes

Since Osaka is known (unofficially) as the culinary capital of Japan, it's probably one of the best places to go grab some authentic Japanese grub. I've asked our accountant David (our resident Japan expert, who has visited Osaka), and asked him which three foods are the best in the city. Here's what he recommends:

1. Takoyaki

Introducing .OSAKA geoTLD : Register .OSAKA Domains : Osaka's Best Foods - Takoyaki Market

This scrumptious food is a delicacy unlike any other - fried octopus is covered in a floury dough makes for a great treat that you can pick up in a market on the go. But make sure you get it fresh, the ones straight off the grill and freshly prepared are the ones to go for - none of that cold business.

2. Okonomiyaki

Introducing .OSAKA geoTLD : Register .OSAKA Domains : Osaka's Best Foods - Okonomiyaki

This dish is a whopper: a mix of another floury dough and your choice of meats and veggies is fried, and then topped with a savory fruit and vegetable sauce, mayonnaise, seaweed seasoning, plus large fish flakes (that wave in the heat if it's fresh!). Okonomiyaki is also best served hot, and is a customizable dish that will let you enjoy just what you want out of it - yum!

3. Fugu

Introducing .OSAKA geoTLD : Register .OSAKA Domains : Osaka's Best Foods - Fugu

You've heard of this one - puffer fish! Although the fish is poisonous, chefs go through rigorous training to be able to prepare the fish correctly, so you can eat it. It is served both raw, cooked, or in soup. Because it is so expensive to obtain, it is often served with bones as restaurants don't want to waste precious fish. The bones are cooked, and you're expected to eat them. This is the dish for the adventurous eaters - but make sure you get a good one!

Register your .OSAKA domain today and give the net a taste of your .OSAKA (online) dish!

Happy domaining!

Post by Samantha Banks