Another German City Gets Their Domain Today!

Robyn Norgan
Sep 5, 2014

We've already launched .BERLIN, the domain for Germany's capital city, and .RUHR, which is for the Ruhrgebiet or "Ruhr" Region. Now, we're launching not one, but two domains for the city of Cologne, or as the German's spell it, Koeln! As of today, you can register your domain name on both the English version, .COLOGNE, and the German version, .KOELN, of the city. Show off your city pride by registering your domain name today!

Cologne is far more than a city; Cologne is a feeling! .COLOGNE and .KOELN will create that same feeling online. These domains allow you to connect with this world-famous city in a way no other domain can by branding your website as local. Since .COLOGNE and .KOELN are brand new, you'll have much more opportunity to find the domain name you really want. Plus, both domains of course support German characters. Whether you want to register your domain name on the English or German version of the city or both, you can't go wrong!

Not from the city, but a huge fan of cologne? .COLOGNE can also be used to represent your favorite cologne fragrances!

Post by Robyn Norgan