Stay Fashionable With These New TLDs!

Robyn Norgan
Jul 16, 2014

Get fashionable with .MODA, show off your available real estate rentals with .LEASE, and post your favorite shots for all to see with .PICTURES! These are just some the latest new TLDs to be launched today. .MODA is now available for regular registration, while all of the other new TLDs are available during Donuts' Early Access General Availability period. Plus, last week's Donuts' TLDs, .GRIPE, .CAPITAL, .EXCHANGE, and .ENGINEERING, are now available for regular registration as of today!

Fashion is about expression. Take this self-expression online with a .MODA domain name. Retailers, manufacturers, and designers from around the world will benefit from the increased site traffic and instant recognition this domain will bring.

Now you can display all your amazing pictures online for everyone to see with your very own .PICTURES domain! Whether your plan on using your .PICTURES domain to share personal photos or promote your photography business online, people will know what your website is all about just by looking at your URL.

Looking for a place to share your media? The .MEDIA domain provides the perfect opportunity to showcase articles, video, audio, and all other types of media! It isn’t limited to just social and traditional media - since the term is so broad, it can also be used for media arts, graphic design, media specialists, blogging, podcasts and more!

.ASSOCIATES is the go-to domain for anyone looking to show their skills online, connect with other associates around the world, and get discovered by companies. For businesses, .ASSOCIATES is a great way to highlight your current associates and to find new associates for your company.

Finding and advertising a lease just got easier with .LEASE! With your .LEASE domain, users have a specific domain to find a lease, showcase a lease, or get lease related information for cars, homes, and more.

Post by Robyn Norgan