Make .FARM Your Online Home!

Robyn Norgan
Apr 16, 2014

If your home is a farm, now your online home can be .FARM! .FARM, along with .CODES and .VIAJES, are the newest TLDs available during Donuts' Early Access General Availability period! Learn more about them below and don't forget about last week's Donuts' TLDs, .HOLIDAY and .MARKETING, that are now available at regular price!

Farming communities around the world now have a place to share agricultural information with fellow farmers and agriculturists. Showcase your .FARM domain as a resource for new services, products, and relevant information regarding your farming business or agricultural services.

Love to code? Then you'll love .CODES! .CODES is the newest domain for anyone that programs and it can be the perfect place to establish your personal website and show off your passion right in the URL. But .CODES isn't just for programmers, it's also a great place to feature codes - coupon codes to be exact! If your website features coupon codes, then .CODES is the place for you!

Spanish speaking travel websites now have their own space online with a .VIAJES domain name. The .VIAJES domain offers travel agencies, hotels, and other travel businesses a new way to promote their businesses online to the Spanish speaking market. Individuals or groups can use their .VIAJES domain name to blog about their travels, share photos, or create and organize travel itineraries.

Post by Robyn Norgan