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DNSSEC Registrar - ICANN 2013 RAA Signed by Dynadot - Whois Verification

Dynadot Adds DNSSEC & Signs ICANN's 2013 RAA in Preparation for New gTLDs

Robyn Norgan
Dec 19, 2013 • 4 min read

Plus How the New RAA Affects You, Our Customer

2014 should be an exciting year for the domain industry. With so many new top level domain (TLD) extensions on the horizon, Dynadot has begun to prepare for their arrival. One thing we have recently added in preparation for the new domain extensions is DNSSEC. DNSSEC stands for Domain Name System Security Extensions and its job is to make sure that the Internet Protocol (IP) address provided by the name server is authentic.

DNSSEC is an additional security feature that was a requirement for ICANN's 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA). The agreement must be signed by any registrar that wants to continue their ICANN accreditation in 2014, which of course is something very important to Dynadot. Many of the changes to this year's RAA are to prepare registrars for the influx of new domain extensions that we'll be seeing next year.

One such change that is important for you, our customer, to know about is our new Whois verification system. If you own a domain with us, then you recently received our annual Whois email. This email is part of an ICANN requirement that is not new; what is new, however, is the requirement for Whois verification:

Starting in January, when any customer (new or existing) registers or transfers in a domain, they will be sent an email with a verification link. Customers must click this link within 15 days or their domains will be set to parking. To remove the domain from parking, the customer must click the verification link in the email. Once they have completed the verification, they will not need to verify again unless they change their contact record, in which case another verification email will be sent with the same requirements.

To prepare for these changes, I recommend you follow the instructions in our recent Whois email and make sure your information is correct. If it's not, you should update your Whois before the first of the year.

Another required change is also related to the Whois and will affect those customers who use our privacy service. In the past, when customers used our privacy service, their information was not shared with anyone. Now, in compliance with ICANN regulations, the information in all customers' Whois contact records will be shared with a third party data escrow service, in our case Iron Mountain, a company recommended by ICANN. This change will not affect what is shown during a Whois lookup, which for customers using our privacy service, will still be our privacy information.

Robyn Norgan
This post was written by Robyn Norgan, who recommends checking back with us right here on our blog (specifically in our Announcements and Industry News sections) to keep up with all the upcoming changes to our beloved domain industry.

Comments (1)
Feb 1, 2018 2:44am
How do I remove DNSSEC record? Please guide
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