Friday Five: 5 Awesome .TV Websites

Justin Narayan
Nov 15, 2013

.TV websites continue to grow as video content is becoming more popular. Bloggers to billion dollar companies are using and registering .TV websites. .TV is easy to remember and users know exactly what to expect. Video content allows you to create a unique experience with the viewer, which can be difficult to do with words or images. The popularity with video content is causing .TV websites to become increasingly popular. Check out these 5 awesome .TV websites:


1. Reddit.TV

Reddit, "the front page of the Internet", has expanded their site and added If you don't know, Reddit is a social news and entertainment site. Reddit has been known to be a leading source for new and popular content and now they are making it even easier to find new video content with They have a simple and easy to use website that makes discovering new video a breeze. They have thousands of videos, so if you are looking to watch new and entertaining videos, check out

2. Ustream.TV is unique for having a large amount of exclusive live content. Originally, was created to connect military members to their family and friends across the world, but this live social platform grew in popularity by everyday users and businesses. Businesses use live videos to provide exclusive access and insight to their business for their audience.'s mission is to give users an outlet to reach new audiences around the world through the power of live experiences. They offer many unique live videos from NASA, African Wildlife, as well as many others. 

3. Lipsy.TV

Lipsy is a british fashion brand who uses their .TV site to post exclusive video content to show the world their products in a fun, entertaining, and creative way. It creates a personal interaction between the company and their viewers. They are a great example of how a business can use a .TV website to engage their audience in a unique and memorable way to their brand, products, services, and ideas. Lipsy is also a great example of how you can use YouTube to host your videos, but create your own website on .TV.

Quartz Interlude: Global Startups from Quartz on

4. Fora.TV provides users live and recorded video content about business, politics, science, technology, industry trends/insights, and many other hot topics. They are the leading site for professional conferences, interviews, events, summits, public forums, debates, and think tanks across the globe. In August 2009, made Time's "50 Best Websites" list. is a digital forum where users can find, enjoy, share, and discuss great content on their website. 


5. Blip.TV prides itself on giving viewers free access to the best in original web series from up-and-coming to professional producers. What I like about their site is they carry all original material. The website is very easy to navigate and is set up in a way that makes it effortless to discover entertaining videos. They offer a wide variety of content such as comedy, music, drama, animation, food, fashion, sports, as well as many others. They have something for everyone, take a look at

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Post By: Justin Narayan