A Word of Caution on Domain Scam Emails

Jun 18, 2013

Recently domain owners may have received an email (see copy below) that is a Chinese Domain scam. We would like to warn you before you overpay for a domain name! The purpose of this email is to scare domain owners into thinking their company name might be compromised by someone purchasing the same name with a different domain extension (.info, .me .tv, etc). The people sending out this email are writing about imaginary companies trying to pursue your domain. Their intentions are to then buy the domains if they see you make an interest in them, and then try and sell them back to you for thousands of dollars.

If you see this email: don’t respond, don’t click on any links, and delete it. If you are concerned about your domain being registered under a different domain extension, the best thing to do is buy any domains through an ICANN accredited registrar like us. Domain name registrars will not contact you if someone is going to register a domain name similar to yours nor will they look at trademark rights. Again, this is a scam with the intentions of scaring owners to buy domains at an inflated price. Don’t get fooled into overpaying for your domain names through this scam. If you have any questions write them in our comment section and we’ll be sure to help out!

Chinese Domain Scam Email

This post is written by Dara.

Linda Carruth
Jun 18, 2013 10:17am
I had a similar email 4 or 5 five years ago, but they also said I would lose the " international trademark", or something of that nature. I had never heard of that, but they went on to claim I if I didn't register my domain with different extensions, with THEM, I would lose the right to MINE! That scared me, so I researched it, found there was no such thing, and like an idiot, I argued with them. Nothing came of it, of course, and I did register other versions, but with my own registrar. That was before I used Dynadot. I kept one if them and transferred it it Dynadot.
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Linda Carruth
Jun 18, 2013 10:37am
Hi Linda, We're so glad you weren't a victim of this scam! They make it seem as if your company name will be compromised, but thankfully that is not the case. We're glad it all worked out for you and that you could become a Dynadot customer. Best, Dynadot