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打造强健邮箱,追求卓越性能 只售 $15.99/年


How do I get started with your personalized email service?

To get started, simply click on the Setup Your Email button above and enter the domain name associated with the email you will be setting up. From there, proceed through the checkout.

What are the advantages of a custom personalized email address?

With a custom email address that matches your domain name, your email communication will look both professional and authentic, while helping you build trust with any customers or prospects receiving your emails. Sending emails with your domain attached has the added benefit of also promoting your online website or platform, keeping your business or personal brand top-of-mind.

What are the limitations of your email service?

Our email service does not support WordPress sites, the use of databases, or PHP.

Are there any restrictions on your email service?


  • 垃圾邮件(包括垃圾邮件网站)
  • 成人内容
  • 版权侵犯
  • 商标侵犯
  • 网络即时聊天(连接、服务器/主机、木马病毒等)
  • 系统监视。您不可参与监视、端口扫描、扫描及欺诈等活动。
  • 所有国家法律禁止的非法活动:
    • 少儿色情内容
    • 兽交内容
    • 儿童黄色书刊
    • 赌博内容
    • 传销或“发展下线”式骗局
  • 任意威胁网站主机稳定性及正常工作的活动。



Our team is always available to assist with any email service questions you may have.