Управление доменами

Take control of your portfolio.
Organize and Manage Your Domains

If you're managing a domain portfolio, you understand the importance of domain management - and so do we. At Dynadot, we focus specifically on quality tools and simple user interfaces to make staying on top of your portfolio easy, regardless of if you're managing ten or a thousand domains.

How Do We Help?

Our domain management tools are designed to help users manage domain names in bulk. If you're a domain investor, part of an agency, entrepreneur, business owner, or anywhere in between, you need the right tools tailored to stay on top of your registered domains. Luckily for you, we have everything you need to grow, adjust, and organize your list.

Лучшие в мире инструменты

All our in-house created tools are designed to make domain management effortless. Built with years of customer feedback from domain investors, we have honed in on the many pieces that are required to provide a powerful, robust domain management platform. From bulk domain adjustments, folder organizational tools, and quick buying/selling processes to a flexible API, account security with two-factor authentication, and domain watchlists - you're able to manage your domains exactly how you want to.

Robust Marketplace

If you're looking to discover and acquire valuable domains under domain management, look no further than our domain marketplace. Our aftermarket is loaded with great domains with plenty of acquisition and selling opportunities for you to tap into. This includes expired domains, backorder placements, user auctions, direct buying/selling through the marketplace, and more. You can even pay in monthly installments to register your dream domains.

Bulk Savings

If you manage many domains, you may also frequently acquire new domain names for your portfolio. On top of our already low prices, we provide additional ways to save through our bulk and super-bulk discounts. It's simple, the more you spend, the more you save. We even provide exclusive sales and coupons to ensure you get the best prices around.


Most of our tools and services are available on our Dynadot App, so you can make portfolio changes on-the-go at any time. That goes with our customer support team as well, who are available 24/7 to assist with any of your domain-related questions. If you're a super-bulk customer, you'll even be assigned a dedicated account representative who is committed to help you achieve your domain objectives.

Basic Tools

Domain Management Tips

Managing your domains on our platform is intuitive and easy. If you are new to domain management or Dynadot, it's important to keep in mind some of the tools you have available.

Smart Folders

Setup folders to organize domain lists. Customize DNS, Whois record, and more for all domains in specific folders.

Bulk Edits

Make adjustments to domain names in bulk, such as DNS changes. Simple account-wide adjustments made in seconds.

Параметры доменов по умолчанию

Setup default settings for newly-acquired domains and TLD-specific settings to make acquiring domains simple.

Other Registrars

Monitor your domains under other registrars. Keep track of your entire portfolio from one control panel.

Контактные записи

Setup multiple contact records that you can easily adjust and swap your domain names to with a few simple clicks.


Use robust filter options to easily find and manage domains in your account. Perfect for accounts with hundreds of domain names.

At Dynadot, we take domain name management seriously, and we know you do too. With our world class tools, knowledgeable customer service, extensive domain marketplace, and bulk pricing tiers, we're the registrar of choice for all domain portfolio owners.

Поддержка Dynadot

Our support team is always available to assist with any of your domain management questions. If you have an inquiry or even a suggestion, please reach out to our team and we'd be happy to help!

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