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How do I add a downloadable file in my Website Builder?

To add a downloadable file to your Website Builder, please follow these steps:

  1. Войдите в личный кабинет Dynadot.
  2. В панели меню слева выберите «Мои сайты».
  3. Щелкните ссылку «редактировать» рядом с конструктором сайтов, который хотите использовать.
  4. Щелкните значок «Добавить» (плюс в кружке) в панели инструментов слева.
  5. Click and drag the "File" icon to the section you want it to appear on the page.
  6. After you have placed it, the "File Settings" box will pop up.
  7. Click on “Click/drag to upload file“, or drag the file to the button, to upload a file from your computer.
  8. You can now edit the name you’d like to give your file by clicking the ‘File Name’ option. If this is left blank the file name would default to the same name it uses on your computer. You can have the file name hidden by unchecking the ‘Show File Name’ option.
  9. Clicking ‘Position’ will allow you to align the file to the left, right or center of your page, and you can also hide the file icon by unchecking the ‘File Icon’ option.
  10. Click on the "Save" button. Your file will appear where you added it on the page.
  11. Нажмите кнопку «Сохранить» в верхней левой части страницы, чтобы сохранить все изменения.

Once your file appears on your Website Builder, you can edit by following these steps:

  1. To replace the file, edit it’s name, re-align the file, or hide/unhide it’s name or icon, click on the "Settings" icon that appears in the top-right corner of the file.
  2. To remove the file, click on the "Trash" icon that appears in the top-right corner of the file.
  3. To move the file, drag and drop the ‘Move’ icon (between the trash and settings icons) to a new location.

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