Журнал изменений

Обновления и новые возможности продуктов и услуг Dynadot.

Сентябрь 2023 г.
Вторичный рынок
New Aftermarket Listing: Registry Expired Auctions
Check out our Registry Expired Auctions aftermarket listing, where valuable expired .AI domains are available for auction every month.

Август 2023
Основной сайт
New TLD Available: .DEALER
.DEALER domain names are now available for registration.

Июнь 2023
New Dynadot Rebrand Launched
Update includes changes to the Dynadot brand and website to align with our new rebrand. Check out our blog post for more information!

Апрель 2023
Основной сайт
New TLD Available: .BIBLE
.BIBLE domain names are now available for registration.

Март 2023
Панель управления пользователя
Ask AI Control Panel Tool Launched
Released our new Ask AI tool, which can be used to gain marketing insights for domains under your Dynadot account.
Launched New Payment Option: Union Pay
Union Pay can now be used as a payment option for CNY transactions. Learn more on our payment options page.

Февраль 2023
Updated Email Plans
Now offering only two Email plans: a Free version and a paid Pro plan.
Security Key Authentication
Конструктор сайтов
Updated Website Builder Plans
We're no longer offering four Website Builder packages. To streamline our services, we're now offering two plans: a Free version and a paid Pro plan.

Январь 2023 г.
Вторичный рынок
New Aftermarket Launch: Expired Closeouts
Closeouts are domain names that did not receive a bid in the Expired Auction. Click here to learn more.
Вторичный рынок
Separated Renewal from Expired Auction Bids
Starting January 3, Expired Auctions do not include the domain renewal fee in the "Current Bid" price. The renewal fee is now added to the final auction price.

Декабрь 2022
Основной сайт
New TLD Available: .KIDS
.KIDS domain names are now available for registration.

Ноябрь 2022 г.
Основной сайт
New Feature Requests Tool
Users can now submit feature requests for our team to review. You can access our feature requests tool under the 'Support' dropdown in our navigation.
Панель управления пользователя
New Credit Card Management System
In our user control panel under 'Payments' -> 'Credit Cards', a new credit card management system has been added. You can click the 'Manage Use' button beside credit cards listed on this page to make quick adjustments to Dynadot payments attached to that credit card.

Сентябрь 2022 г.
Вторичный рынок
New Backorder TLDs
.SITE and .ONLINE have been added to our backorder aftermarket listing.
Конструктор сайтов
New Website Builder Templates
We've added four new website builder templates to help kickstart your website design! Check out our Fantasy Journey, Dream Space, Creative Workshop, and Link Universe templates.

Июнь 2022
Separated .NGO and .ONG TLDs
.NGO / .ONG are no longer bundled together and can be registered individually.

Март 2022
Вторичный рынок
Added New Aftermarket Pages
Check out our new pages highlighting the many advantages of buying and selling domain through our aftermarket and registration services.

Январь 2022 г.
Updated Domain Deletion Wait Period
Reduced the waiting period for domain names that are marked for deletion from 30 days to 7 days.

Ноябрь 2021 г.
Основной сайт
New TLD Available: .SPA
.SPA domain names are now available for registration.
Основной сайт
.IT Registration Restrictions Added
Updated the .IT page to provide more information on the TLD registration restrictions. Visit our .IT page for more information.

Сентябрь 2021 г.
VPS Hosting Retirement
VPS Hosting is no longer available for purchase. At a tentative date in the future, the service will be retired. Click here to learn more.
Основной сайт
Updated Aftermarket Overview Page
Added ability to view various top aftermarket listings and place domain bids directly from the aftermarket overview page.
Основной сайт
Merged API Request Pages
All of our API requests can now be found on our Advanced Domain API page.
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