Como faço o meu domínio apontar para o Squarespace?

Para apontar seu domínio ao Squarespace, siga estes passos:

  1. Entre na sua conta Dynadot.
  2. Select "My Domains" from the left-side menu bar and click "Manage Domains" in the drop-down.
  3. Check the box next to your domain name(s) and click on the "Bulk Action" button.
  4. Escolha "Configurações de DNS" na lista de "Ações em massa".
  5. On the DNS page, select the "Dynadot DNS" setting from the top drop-down menu.
  6. You will need to create two CNAME records. Scroll down to the "Subdomain Records (optional)" section and select “CNAME” from the drop-down menu. Enter your unique Squarespace code (the unique code that appears directly below the Host column in your Squarespace account) in the ‘Subdomain’ field. In the ‘IP Address or Target Host’ field, enter verify.squarespace.com.
  7. Remain in the "Subdomain Records (optional)" section and enter "www" as the next subdomain. Select "CNAME" from the drop-down and then enter ext-cust.squarespace.com in the "IP Address or Target Host" box. Do not enter your actual domain name.
  8. Next you will enter the ‘A’ records. Scroll up to the "Domain Record (required)" section and select “A’ as your record type. Enter in the "IP Address or Target Host" box.
  9. Repeat this for the other three Squarespace IP address -,, and
  10. Clique no botão "Salvar DNS" para salvar suas alterações.

Veja as instruções do Squarespace no mapeamento de domínio com o Dynadot para referência.