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  • What is a Dynadot sub account?

    A sub accounts is a separate Dynadot account that can access another Dynadot account. This is useful for large businesses or web developers. Now owners can allow others to manage their domains through a range of capabilities. To enable this feature, the first step would require a different / new Dynadot account. This account will have a different account holder, username, account info, etc. Owners can select between three different access levels: 1. Domain Only - Enables the sub account to manage domains. 2. Auction Bids - Enables the sub account to bid on auction in Dynadot Aftermarket on your behalf 3. Domain and Auction bids - grants access to both domain and auction bids. NOTE: Payment and billing are hidden from all access levels and remain the owners responsibility.How can I invite another accounts? Owner inviting staff: Sign in to your Dynadot account. On the left hand side please select “My Info” > “Sub Accounts” Click “Add User” Enter the staff member’s email address, select the access level, then click “Send Invite” An email will be sent to the staff member to confirm access within 48 hours.User requesting access to an account: Sign in to your Dynadot account. On the left hand side please select "My Info", > "Sub Accounts" > "Accounts I can access" Click on "request access" Enter the forum name, the email address associated with the owners account & the access level, click "send request". An email will be sent to the owner NOTE: The owner must log into the same account that is associated with the Dynadot user and forum name. Once logged in the owner can, confirm, deny and change access levels.How do I accept access from the owner? There are two scenarios: Scenario A: The recipient already has a Dynadot account Scenario B: The recipient does NOT have a Dynadot account For Scenario A: Open the invitation email from the email address sent from the owner. Click on "sign in to confirm access". Sign in to your Dynadot account. Click on "Confirm Access". For Scenario B: Create your Dynadot account. After the security questions have been answered please return to the email and click "confirm access". Log into to your Dynadot account and confirm access How do I accept access from the owner? Sign in to your Dynadot account. On the left hand side click “My Info” > “Sub account” Locate the account you would like to access and click “Access Now”. You are now viewing the owner’s account based on the permissions that have been enabled. A blue banner will display be displayed across your account showing your account. To log out of owners account Click on the ‘Exit sub-account’ on the top right hand side You are now in your account

  • What are TrueName domains?

    TrueName domains are domain names that provide protection against phishing and domain fraud using the Donuts registry's proprietary homographic blocking technology. This protection actively prevents bad actors from registering similar or look-a-like domains frequently used to deceive users online while taking advantage of your brand/domain name. This security, combined with the wide variety of unique domain extensions available through the Donuts registry, means you can build your brand presence or website without worry of common domain fraud or malicious phishing tactics. Features and Notes: TrueName domain protection is applied to all Top Level domains under the Donuts registry. If you already own a domain under a Donuts TLD, it will automatically receive TrueName protection. There is no additional cost in registering TrueName domains. Protection will remain for as long as the domain name is registered. Protection is applied at the registry level, which will prevent look-a-like domains from being registered across the web.

  • How do I add my US bank account to my Dynadot account?

    Sign in to your Dynadot account. Select "Payments" from the left-side menu bar and click "Bank Accounts" on the right. On the next screen, click “Add Bank Account”. (For security reasons a “2-factor authenticator” is required to add a bank account) In the next window click “Continue”. Choose your bank in the list or enter it in the search field. Enter your internet banking credentials. Choose the account you’d like to add and click “Continue”. Click “Continue” one more time and your bank account is linked to your Dynadot account You will be able to use your account to register new domainsset your domains to Auto-renewset Autopay and add proxy bids for your auctions.

  • ¿Es mi dominio elegible para ser incluido en una subasta de usuarios?

    La mayoría de los dominios podrían ser elegibles para ser listados en una subasta, sin embargo puede haber algunas excepciones: Los dominios .IN no pueden ser incluidos en subastas. Los dominios que caducan en menos de 15 días no pueden ser listados para subasta. Los dominios que están bajo el estado de "Bloqueo de Compra" o el estado de "Bloqueo de Subasta" no pueden ser listados para subasta.

  • ¿Se ha renovado el dominio que gané en la subasta de usuarios?

    No, los dominios que se ganan en nuestras Subastas de Usuarios NO se renuevan como parte de la compra. Si desea renovar el dominio, esto no estaría incluido en el costo de la subasta.

  • ¿Ofrecen certificados SSL?

  • ¿Cómo puedo actualizar mi servicio de correo electrónico gratuito al plan Pro?

    ¿Listo para llevar tu experiencia de correo electrónico al siguiente nivel con nuestro Plan Pro? ¡Fantástico! Sigue estos simples pasos para actualizarlo: Inicie sesión en su cuenta de Dynadot.

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