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Order Process

  • What is your refund policy?

    We give refunds in the form of account credit for the following scenarios: New Domain Registrations If the domain name is less than 5 days old, you may be able to request a grace period deletion. You will be credited the domain's registration cost minus the applicable grace deletion fee stated on our grace deletion page. Domain Privacy If you want to cancel domain privacy, you can do so within the first 15 days of purchase by emailing us. Domain Transfers If a domain transfer fails for any reason, we can give a refund. This also applies for failed .EU and .BE domain trades. Expired Auction Orders If an expired auction order is cancelled because the domain was renewed by the original registrant, we can refund the payment for the expired auction order. Web Hosting We can cancel web hosting (both Email and VPS Hosting) if we receive the refund request within the first 30 days of purchase. Please transfer all your files, databases, and/or scripts from your hosting before you email us for a refund because we will delete your web hosting package before we issue you a refund. Website Builder If you upgraded to a monthly plan on our website builder, you can cancel your plan within 7 days of purchase. If you upgraded to a yearly plan, we can cancel your plan within 30 days of purchase; however if you already registered your free domain, your refund will be the yearly plan purchase price minus the price of the domain you registered. Please email us to cancel either of our upgraded plans. SSL Certificates We can issue a refund within 7 days after the SSL certificate is issued. NOTE: All refund requests are handled MANUALLY. Our system will automatically issue you an account credit. You must EMAIL us in order to receive a refund. All refund requests must be received / processed within 60 days of the order date to be considered.

  • How do I retrieve my authorization codes in bulk?

    If you're planning to transfer several domains from your Dynadot account, we can help you download your authorization codes in bulk. First, you must send an email to info@dynadot.com to request us to enable the "CSV Transfer Codes" in your account. This email must come from the address on file for the account. Once we have enabled the CSV transfer codes in your account, you will have 24 hours to download your bulk authorization codes by following these steps: Sign in to your Dynadot account. Click on the "Domains" tab in the main menu. Unlock your domain(s). Select "Folders" from the "Domains" drop-down menu. Click the "Download" link. Check the box next to "Transfer Codes" and then click on the "Download" button. If you are unable to download your auth codes within the 24 hour window, you will need to email us again to re-enable the CSV transfer codes in your account since our system automatically disables this after the 24 hour window.

  • What is a trademark notice?

    You may need to acknowledge a trademark notice when you register a domain with us. Here is what the notice will say: You have received this Trademark Notice because you have applied for a domain name which matches at least one trademark record submitted to the Trademark Clearinghouse. You may or may not be entitled to register the domain name depending on your intended use and whether it is the same or significantly overlaps with the trademarks listed below. Your rights to register this domain name may or may not be protected as noncommercial use or "fair use" by the laws of your country. Please read the trademark information below carefully, including the trademarks, jurisdictions, and goods and service for which the trademarks are registered. Please be aware that not all jurisdictions review trademark applications closely, so some of the trademark information below may exist in a national or regional registry which does not conduct a thorough or substantive review of trademark rights prior to registration. If you have questions, you may want to consult an attorney or legal expert on trademarks and intellectual property for guidance. If you continue with this registration, you represent that, you have received and you understand this notice and to the best of your knowledge, your registration and use of the requested domain name will not infringe on the trademark rights listed below. There will also be trademark information regarding the domain name you entered listed below this content. If you acknowledged the trademark already and would like to see the trademark information for the domain name you purchased, you will need to create an order for that same domain name using another top-level domain (TLD) as the extension. (Please be aware this notice may not show for all TLDs.) Then you can select "Money Order/Check" as your payment type and hit "Submit." You should see the trademark information on the next page. Then you can simply edit your cart to remove the domain name.

  • I got a "Credit Card Problem" email. Can I try charging my credit card again?

    Yes, you can charge your credit card up to 3 times for each order before our system will prevent you from charging it again. To try charging your credit card again, please follow these steps: Sign in to your Dynadot account. You should see your open orders listed at the top of the "Summary" page. You can also access any open orders by clicking on your notifications along the top bar. If you are still able to charge your credit card, you will see a "Charge Card" button under the "Payment Type" column. Click on the "Charge Card" button to charge your credit card again. If you do not see the "Charge Card" button, then you will need to contact us to charge your card again. If your credit card is being declined, you may want to check your credit card information to see if you have accidentally mistyped one of the credit card fields. Alternatively, you may want to contact your credit card company to see if there is any reason why they are denying the charges. You can also edit your payment type to choose a different credit card to charge or select another payment method to complete your order.

  • How do I complete my domain transfer to Dynadot if my domain is locked?

    If your domain is locked, your domain transfer cannot be completed until it is unlocked. This is something that you will need to contact your current domain registrar about as we are not familiar with other registrar's systems. Even if you unlock your domain, the domain may be "transfer locked" because it is a recent (within 60 days) registration or transfer. In this case, even if your domain is unlocked at the registrar level the central registry will not allow your transfer to complete. You must wait for the 60 day period to pass before starting your domain transfer. Learn more about the domain transfer process.

  • How do I review the payment logs for past orders?

    To review payment logs for past orders, please follow these steps: Sign in to your Dynadot account. Select "Payment Log" from the "My Info" drop-down menu. Enter the "Start Day" and "End Day" you wish to review. Check the boxes next to the "Payment Type" you would like to see. Click on the "Show Payments" button. The payment log is a great place to keep track of your yearly spending with us, especially if you are a bulk ($500/year spending qualification) or super bulk customer ($5,000/year spending qualification). We also have an order log that can be used to see a breakdown of your orders with us as well as pull a receipt or invoice.

  • Why are you unable to send the transfer authorization email to any address I want?

    The registrant contact and administrative contact listed in the Whois are the only parties that can authorize a domain transfer as stated by ICANN. Therefore, the authorization email can only be sent to the address listed in those two fields. If you would like the authorization email sent to a different address, you would need to update your contact records with your current registrar first. Find out more about the domain transfer process. How do I update my Whois email address?

  • Where is the price list for all your services?

    You can find prices for our various services on the following pages: TLD Prices page: This page includes all our registration, renewal, and transfer pricing for all top-level domains we support. This page also shows bulk and super bulk pricing discounts. Please note that our restore pricing is only available on the individual TLD's page under the "Domain Information" section towards the bottom of the page. Domain Grace Deletion page: Some of our TLDs have a grace deletion fee. Find out which TLDs support grace deletions, if they have a fee, how much it is, how long the grace period is, and if there is a maximum rate. Domain Privacy page: Find out more about the benefits of our privacy service and how it can protect your personal information for just $3/year for regular customers, $2/year for bulk customers, or for free for our super bulk customers. Website Builder Prices page: Check out the pricing for our free plan, pro plan, and business plan and find out what great tools each comes with on our prices page. VPS Hosting page: Find out our VPS pricing, as well as more about the product including CPU, RAM, disk space, bandwidth, and uptime. Email Hosting page: Find out about our Email Hosting pricing, as well as more about the product including disk space, uptime, bandwidth, and the number of FTP and email accounts supported. SSL Page: Get pricing for regular SSL and wildcard SSL, as well as info about encryption level, warranty, CA certificate, and browser recognition. Domain Marketplace page: Our domain marketplace includes domains that are at auction as well as domains set for sale by owner. Please visit our marketplace pages to see what pricing is available. Payment Options page: No prices here, but this is the page where you can find out how best to take advantage of our great prices! Plus, you can find out more about what currencies we support.

  • Why hasn't my preorder finished processing?

    All preorders will stay open until all of the new TLDs that were preordered have been launched. For example, if you had preordered .CLUB, your preorder would not have completed until we attempted to register the domain name you ordered on its launch date of 5/7/14 11:00 EDT. If you have preordered multiple new TLD domain names with different launch dates, your preorder will not complete until the last new TLD launch date has passed.

  • I did not receive the verification call, can you call me again?

    There are a few reasons why you may not have received the phone number verification call: You forgot which phone number is listed in your account. The area code is missing in your account. The country code is missing in your account. You put the area code in the country code field. To check your phone number, please log in to your Dynadot account. You'll see your phone number listed on the right hand side under "Info" when you're on the "Summary" page. If you need to update, click on the "My Info" tab in the main menu and unlock your account. In the first box, you must put the country code (For example, "01" is the country code for the United States) and then you can enter the area code and phone number in the second box. Once you have updated your phone number, our system will send you a new email and phone number verification link later that day or sometime the following day. If your phone number is listed correctly and you still did not receive the call, please contact customer support directly at 1(650) 262-0100. Please note that any time you update your account information, you will receive a Account Info Whois Verification email.